Post talks about recent years 1710 – 1802 from the state from Sussex

Post talks about recent years 1710 – 1802 from the state from Sussex

Rev. James Hurdis D. D. (1763 – 1801) from the Ronald Tibble. A brief biography out-of James Hurdis, priest, poet and you may professor. The guy parece Henry and you will John Louis and you will an excellent daughter Rodmeill. Post in the Sussex Household members Historian, Frequency 7 #step one June 1986, pgs 8-thirteen

The historical past out-of a department of your own Newlington group of Sussex because of the Mrs. Kim Bayne. Children tree you start with Adam Newington and you will Alice Colepepper. Surnames included is: Cheyney, Farby, Scardeville, Dawtrey, Wildegos, Wildgoose, Stephens, Hepton, Hayman, Putland, Beale, Vennell, Reynolds, Dabson, Parker, Avery, Piper, Hughes, Bean, Bishop, Elphick, Williamson, Sutton, Peters, Martin, and you will Wheeler. Blog post covers many years 1481 – 1859 in different metropolitan areas when you look at the Sussex. Post regarding Sussex Friends Historian, Frequency eight #1 Summer 1986, pgs 20-twenty five

Names away from Sussex guys which died on battle possess ben extracted of Colone Southern area Cemetery during the Germany; Estaires Public Cemetery and you will extension, France; St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rowen, France Considering is term, rank and you may tool, dating, quarters, address for the cemetery

Domesday during the Horsham of the Stanley Excell. A good tentalive pedigree are removed only using parish files and covers the necessity to use other present to prove relationships. The new pedigree is for the new descendants of one’s Domesday Nearest and dearest. Article discusses the years 1541 – 1634 regarding parish away from Horsham, Sussex. Article regarding Sussex Nearest and dearest Historian, Volume 7 #dos September 1986, pgs 43-forty-five

Brand new Pursgloves of the Congregational Chapel at Herstmonceaux by Good. L. Gooch. The Pursglove nearest and dearest in Sussex are traced back to John Pursglove 1798 – 1876 and you will ily is provided. Surnames these are just: Dicker, Ticehurst, and you can Hook up. Post talks about many years 1650 – 1922 regarding the parish out of Herstmonceaux, Sussex. Blog post regarding Sussex Relatives Historian, Frequency seven #dos Sep 1986, pgs 46-forty eight

English Emigrants to New England submitted by Mrs. B. A. Garrett. Extracts of Sussex residents from a book Topographical Dictionary out of 2855 Emigrants so you’re able to The England 1620 – 1650 gives name, parish and ship. Surnames are: Bannister, Benjamin, Chatfield, Dennett, Drury, Everden, Fenner, Freeman, Geere, Glover, Harraden, Hyland, Jeffery, Kidder, Leader, May, Newman, Philater, Scholes, Skinner, Stockbridge, Tillinghast, Tillinghurst and Tupper. Article covers the years 1620 – 1650 in various locations in Sussex. Article in the Sussex Family Historian, Volume 7 #2 September 1986, pgs 54-55

Blog post covers the years 1805 – 1966 from the parish away from Lurgashall, Sussex

The fresh Unitarian Church, Horsham of the Age. P. Evershed. This building of your church in it most people. Brands are given of them active in the local rental in addition to their employment and property. Post talks about many years 1721 – 1790 regarding the parish of Horsham, Sussex. Post regarding the Sussex Friends Historian, Regularity seven #dos Sep 1986, pg 61

Conflict graves of your Uk empire provided by the C. Rogers. Surnames try: Abbey, Adams, Boorman, Church, Dudman, Dutfield, Eames, Fox, Harding, Howe, Humphrex, Fairs, Fuller, Pollard, Brown, Curtis, Nicholls, Streeter, Rescue, Sanders, Stenning, Stote, Sylvester, Taragett, Turner, Waite, Welch, Westgate, and you will Timber. Blog post covers recent years 1916 – 1918 in numerous parishes when you look at the Sussex, England, Perfume, Pruessen and Rhineland, Germany, and you can Rouen, Sein Coastal, and you can Estairs, Nord, France. Blog post about Sussex Family relations Historian, Volume seven #dos Sep 1986, pgs 64-65

Nothing wrong? of the Stanley Excell. Enticknapp is actually pronounced Emlett for the 1867 in the Lurgashall, Sussex. Census enumerator had no problem with it but family unit members historians may. Article talks about the years 1861 – 1867 in the parish regarding Lurgeshall, Sussex. Post for the theSussex Nearest and dearest Historian, Regularity eight #dos Sep 1986, pg 74

The brand new Adsetts from Lurgashall by the Roy Adsett. A family forest is given indicating brand new descentants away from Henry Adsett 1805 – 1878 and you can Catherine Childs, the des Anscomb who gets the posterity. Article about Sussex Members of the family Historian, Volume eight #step three December 1986, pgs 87-89

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